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Guangzhou City, Quebec Decoration Co., Ltd. Pa Waterproof commercial capital of South China Sea, adjacent to Guangdong, Guangzhou, is a research and development, production and marketing into a professional waterproofing company, is a fellow of the best production and marketing enterprises.
Guangzhou City, Quebec Pa Waterproof Decorative Co., Ltd. is the Hong Kong Investment Fung Group Holdings Limited, the only domestic subsidiaries, Feng headquartered in Hong Kong, together to the new building waterproof materials, basic research and application development, an area 20,000 square meters, has two advanced multi-functional self-adhesive modified bitumen membrane production line, annual production capacity of more than 10 million square meters, a waterproof coating production line, annual production capacity of 2 tons. Technology development strength, with a group of experienced professional and technical, sales and management staff, internal full implementation of ISO9001 international quality management system and 5S management system of production, and successful management into ERP systems. Water agencies and the U.S. authority Pa Kui waterproof technology centers worldwide, using a new generation of nano waterproof insulator technology, to create a variety of high quality, good stability, new waterproof products. Has become a set of waterproof material R & D, production, sales and construction services in one of the key water companies.

Guangzhou City, Quebec Pa Waterproof Decorative adhering to the "never met before in terms of quality, innovative products constantly, and common development team to create gold quality" management philosophy, has always adhered to meet consumer demand, technology R & D core, to increase human science-based management mode and quality excellence award as the "" China well-known water brand "," title company. As a system solution of water suppliers to successfully apply a variety of special waterproofing system including housing, highways, Urban Roads Bridges, De Tie and urban Guidao High speed railway, and so many Ling Yu Ji Chang played a new type of waterproofing system in the application Youliang effect. Our products are superior quality and stable performance, rich style to win the support and favor of customers. The company marketing network across the country, products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia and other parts.

Feng big step towards group companies undertaking the development of China's water-proof, with a temporary new attitude in the face of new opportunities and challenges for China's water and make new contributions to the cause. Quebec Pa deeply understand the company's survival and development of enterprises and consumers to encourage and support inseparable. Therefore, Pa Kui people focus on doing each product, and strive to make every product a boutique, Quebec tyrant "brand" has become "world famous." Quebec Pa's dream: with 100% professionalism, do your waterproofing specialist consultants.

Currently, Quebec Pa company is to brand new tower in the world water industry. To achieve our common dreams and success, welcomed the dealers around the country joined the Quebec Pa marketing network, build a water industry elite clan.
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